Hi Matt,

I always welcome dissenting opinions but I do feel the need to respond to several things.

First off, as a biochemist and someone who has actually been in the scientific field — there are absolutely things that scientists cannot measure that we universally agree exists. For example, scientists knew for a long time that there is a biological entity that transmits traits across generations but they could not measure or quantify it until we could identify and isolate DNA. Today, we know that emotions or traits alike anger and confidence exist yet we have no way to measure or quantify them.

Secondly, with regards to why everyone would not do something if it worked, we know that exercise helps you lose weight and yet, not everyone who wants to lose weight does it. So, the lack of participation cannot be used as proof that something does not work.

Finally, the article is explicitly NOT making scientific claims and starts off by saying that none of the claims have a scientific basis. In essence, I actually state from the first paragraph that this is an article about my feelings and the benefits I experience and that it should not be confused with scientific proof. So, in essence, it seems like you are telling me to do something I specifically did.

In the future, try to read the article before publicly responding in a way that makes it obvious that you did not.

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