Hi Kelly Ann, I really appreciate that you took the time to respond. I absolutely did not mean to relate obesity to toxicity and it’s helpful that you pointed out that it could be interpreted as such. The point of that section is simply to present existing research that the people in your lives have a very tangible effect on you. For whatever reason, there just seems to be more research out there relating to weight. I absolutely do not mean you should stop interacting with people due to their weight, but rather that you should choose people who make you happy, which is why I wrote this sentence:

“I’m not suggesting you only make friends that are rich, successful, and slim. However, I am suggesting you take the time to consciously and intentionally choose the people you spend time with — because it’ll change your life.”

Thank you again for sharing your feedback though — it helps me be a more thoughtful writer.

I write about connection — with yourself and with others. I want to hear from you!💙Mailing-list: https://maypang.substack.com/💗email: maeyalily@gmail.com

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